We never compromise on quality

EV quality policies

· We think customer satisfaction in every situation.
· Ensure smooth and efficient processing of all customer inquiries.
· We have experience with the demands of international customers as their preferred  
· Possibility of emergency supplies.
· Certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality System.
· Possibility of material- and pressure test certificates.
· Possibility of measuring reports.
· Products are avaiable with traceability and CE marking.
· EV's output control is often = our customers input control.
· To deliver unique products in accordance with our own requirements or customer  
· The quality policy is established and continuously improved based on customer needs.
· Only carefully selected and qualified suppliers are used.

Laser engraving

Would you like to become easily identifiable for your customers?
EV Metal's laser marking machine can offer you marking of the highest quality for your products.

The fibre diode laser guarantees deep and effective marking on:

•All metals
•Anodised aluminium and plastic
•Workpieces with surface treatment

Examples of marking:

•Product safety via traceability with material batch number
•Quick product identification with item no. / serial no. / production no.
•Option for sale of original spare parts with logo and company details
•QR codes

We can offer laser marking of workpieces with dimensions of up to 800x800 mm.


EV Metal offers workpiece traceability (3.1 certificate, NORSOK, NACE or NDT report). Follow the link below if you would like to know more about the different degrees of traceability.

Degrees of traceability

3D measuring machine

EV Metalværk A/S offers advanced 3D measuring reports carried out on our own Calr Zeiss DuraMax measuring machine.
Measuring reports can be supplied in any requested file formats. Size: 500x500x500 mm

EV Metalværk a/s offers a roughness measurement of all surfaces carried out on our own Mahrsurf SD26 and Mahr RD18


EV Metalværk A/S is ISO 9001:2008 certified by TÜV with strict requirements for ongoing improvements and control.
Measure tools and measure equipment are subject to systematic calibration with an accredited supplier.

Being part of certification, we actively work in coherence with quality policies, ensuring uniform products in accordance with your specifications.
Apart from our high quality requirements, we offer both material certificates and measurement reports – please make an enquiry.  


All our products go through a cleaning process in our in-house”gelb stillhouse” prior to final end controls. This ensures that you as a client always receive clean and uniform articles, free of chips and burrs.
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